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Our driver is the hero of our business

For us, our drivers are the front line performers who help us achieve remarkable results. We prioritze our people and venture out beyond traditional norms to provide complete safeguard to our workforce.

We work on finding and connecting with passionate people and lead them towards success by stimulating mutual respect and providing opportunities to learn and grow.

Our Culture

Positive working environment that drives growth.

Here at Green Mile Logistics, our culture revolves around providing customer-centric services while maintaining strong ethical values, consistent mutual support and a creating positive working environment for one another. When you work with Green Mile, you aren’t just a fill-in-the-seat, you’re a valuable part of our family where we recognize, acknowledge and appreciate your hardwork.

Honesty & Integrity

At Green Mile Logistics, we encourage practising the best ethical standards in everything we do. Not only does it helps us create meaningful relationships within the team but it also increases the overall productivity.

Appreciation & Compensation

We take pride over the hardwork of our diligent heroes and believe it is our duty to appreciate and compensate them in ways that benefit them the most.


With a performance-driven approach, we ensure that our employees are professionally well-versed with the requirements so they become proficient in their field and drive excellent results.


Hear it directly from our growing driver family!

Wilmy Duran

“The dispatchers are easy to get along with and the schedule of the work is good for me.  Work is consistent and I get to work every day.  Pay is better than most.”


Darrin Terry

“Green Mile has good equipment with a good pay plan along with consistent work.  The staff are excellent people and are easy to get along with.  One big deal is the insurance benefits too!  This is one of the best companies I have ever worked with.”


What’s in it for you?

Competitive Rates

We believe our people are an investment for growth, improvement and success. We want our drivers to feel appreciated and well-compensated for their hardwork as they’re our driving force!

Safety & Wellness

At Green Mile, safety is our top priority. We continuously work towards ensuring the security and well-being of our drivers.

Dedicated Support

Our goal is to make our drivers satisfied. Our dedicated team is constantly available to provide assistance to the drivers so they can have a smooth driving experience.

Let’s get you on the road!

Our team of passionate drivers enable us to do what we do today, and we couldn’t be more proud and grateful of our team. Our drivers are the face of our company and help us keep our standards high. We look forward to adding more people to our driving family.

Become a part of Green Mile family.

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