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Safety is never compromised!

Overweight Freight can be troublesome, considering the rules and regulations regarding the weight and size of the cargo under the Federal and State laws. To ensure a hassle-free delivery, our competent team executes prompt management by working with purpose-built quality carriers that comply with all regulated guidelines.

With our dependable carriers, you get better service, more flexibility, and guaranteed on-time delivery. Our experience in overweight freight management and planning enables us to create an eco-system that fulfils your requirements without any trouble.

With Green Mile, Overweight Cargo is a smooth ride

Purpose-built trucks for heavy load

Designed specifically to load heavy cargo, we ensure the use of top-notch vehicles that allow a smooth transit of overweight freight.

Complete legal compliance

We are authorized to deliver freight legally and safely ensuring all permits are carried.

Competent drivers

Our drivers are dedicated and permitted to deliver overweight freight responsibly.

Dedicated Support

Our exceptional assistance at Green Mile goes an extra mile to provide the best overweight shipping solution your business needs.

Smart Management

Uncover our potential through our comprehensive digital integrations, valuable analytics and intuitive interfaces.

Real-time updates

We maintain track of your cargo in real time using our cutting-edge software and equipment so you’re always aware.

Experience Secure Cross Docking with us

Our dedicated team is armed with top of the class equipment, essential tools and management systems that provide real-time updates with invaluable information regarding your shipments.

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"We love working with Green Mile as their staff is always helpful and their service top notch."

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