Hazmat Drayage

Delivering your cargo with safety and security

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Ensure a smooth and safe delivery

Our drivers acquire HME (Hazardous Materials Endorsement) license to ensure all legal edorsements are met and adhered to without prejudice. Every contractor is consistently trained and retrained which guarantees that we are abreast of any new protocols adopted, ensuring all of our legal and statutory obligations are constantly achieved.

Green Mile equipment is maintained and placarded with all of the rigors necessary to ensure we meet the stringent delivery goals we set upon ourselves to not only earn the trust of our customers, but to also keep it as well as that of the general public at large.

We deliver what we promise

Responsible Delivery

All Hazardous materials are delivered with a delicate balance of professionalism and care.

Certified Drivers

Our dedicated drayage teams are hazmat licensed and professionally trained, ensuring an efficient shipment.

Active Freight Management

All your cargo is handled with extra safety precautions in place for both on-site storage maintenance and active employees.

Expert Guidance

Not sure if your goods fall under Hazmat category? Reach out to our experts to discuss the best suited solution for the shipment of your cargo.

Real-time Updates

Get access to real time shipping updates of when containers are enroute and once delivered.

Innovative Technology

Uncover our potential through our comprehensive digital integrations, valuable analytics and intuitive interfaces.

At Green Mile, safety is paramount

When it comes to delivering hazardous goods, Green Mile follows all Federal, State and Local regulations to deliver the cargo safely through our uncompromising adherence to safety that allows us to earn the trust of our customers.

Experience reliable Hazmat Drayage with Green Mile

Providing a dedicated Hazmat Drayage solution for your business, we take precedence over assisting you in delivering your cargo with utmost safety. We do this by furnishing our drivers with all that they need to perform at the most significant level.

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"We love working with Green Mile as their staff is always helpful and their service top notch."

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