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An accessible transit solution to manage your freight with ease

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Consolidate your shipments with us

Ensure a speedy shipment of goods with Green Mile’s secure Cross Docking service, allowing efficiency to sweep within your supply chain process. With Cross Docking, we take your incoming freight and directly load it into our outbound carrier, eliminating the need for long-term standing storage and thus reducing your cost. All shipments are thoroughly inspected by our team, ensuring that goods are secure and intact during transit. Through our broad network in the Dallas/Fort Worth region and dedicated experts, we can also help you create a systematic process by collating your deliveries and handling them as per your business requirements.

Achieve Operational Excellence through Cross Docking

Reduced Delivery Lead Time

With Cross docking essentially removing the storage phase, direct shipment allows the delivery lead time to reduce drastically.

Reduced Cost of Labor

Cross docking minimizes the storage and labor costs of a traditional warehouse model, enabling you to achieve maximum cost efficiency.

Stay Connected

With Green Mile Logistics on board, get access to real-time shipment updates and activity reports.

Improved Customer Experience

With deliveries made faster and lowered logistic costs, you are able to improve customer experience.

Smart Management

Uncover our potential through our comprehensive digital integrations, valuable analytics and intuitive interfaces.

Our Expert Assistance

Our Cross Docking experts are here to devise personalized strategies pertaining to your business requirements in order to ensure successful shipments.

Tailored to fit your needs

Whether you’re a small business looking to eliminate warehousing burden to reduce your operational costs, or run a massive commercial business that requires large volumes of products distributed to multiple locations, our Cross Docking professionals are here to ensure a smooth transit of your shipment no matter the size of your company.

Experience Secure Cross Docking with us

Our priority is to help you achieve remarkable breakthroughs while maintaining costs. With our mutual collaborative effort, we help you develop a shipping strategy and optimize delivery processes to enhance the overall performance of your business.

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"We love working with Green Mile as their staff is always helpful and their service top notch."

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